Dec 30, 2009

For starters

I'm late to the blogging party (actually I sat on the edge of the pool and watched my friends merrily splash around and/or flounder with their blogs for a long time before deciding it was time to take the plunge.)

I consider myself a true domestic dilettante. I love gardening (until it gets too hot), I'm a foodie (until I start another diet), and I love organizing and decorating (or, in less flattering terms, I'm a transformation junkie: I let my closets and corners get cluttered, just so I can get the cheap thrill of cleaning and sorting and scrubbing everything back to sparkling condition.)

Speaking of up the Christmas detritus has made me realize how much stuff I have amassed over the years, and how much it clutters up our home when we (errr, I) deck the proverbial halls. I thought I had streamlined things this year, comparatively anyway. But next year I'll definitely be more judicious in my selections. (New Year's resolution #1.)

In other news, I'm also starting a notebook to organize the Christmas cookie recipes, the annual Christmas menu and new/special recipes I bring out only for special occasions, along with a printout of the Christmas card list and maybe even some decorating ideas (minimalist, of course.) I looked for a pre-made organizer or tool, but most of what I found were geared toward scrapbookers. And alas, I'm no scrapbooker. (Although sorting through a decades' worth of photos is high on my resolution list for 2010. New Year's resolution #2.)