Jul 2, 2010

You can't always get what you want...

The 'Stones were in my head this morning for some reason.  I guess the unusually cool morning temperatures brought crisp fall weather to mind.  And the other day, I was sweltering away watering plants and daydreaming about sunny October afternoons in Knoxville, watching the Vols play football.  Something about that time of year, when the sun warms your face, but there's a hint of coolness that whispers of the season to come...it's fleeting but special.  If I close my eyes, I can almost feel it.

In winter, I dream of spring days when we can open the windows.  When spring days bounce from cold to warm and back, I yearn for the unrelenting heat of summer.  And in summer, I wish for cool, crisp fall days.

And...that's as far as my wish list goes.  I never hope, long, dream or wish for winter.  Okay, maybe I occasionally cross my fingers and wish for one "good" snow fall to blanket everything. But that's all.  In my dream world, Christmas is sunny and 60 degrees; January and February fly past in the blink of an eye.  Once the tree is down and the ornaments are up in storage, I'm thumbing through seed and plant catalogs and counting down the days until spring.  (I may be considered a "winter" person because of my hair and skin tone, but that's the ONLY part of me that embraces winter.)

Today is another round in the age-old contest of woman vs. weeds.  I can win the occasional battle, but the weeds will win the war. Nature bats last.  I know these are immutable truths, but I gird up and go forth nonetheless.

This week's menu got flipped and flopped around due to the everlasting swim meet on Tuesday.  (We eeked out a win, though - go Comets!!!!)

We're finally having the manicotti tonight.  Last night was pecan-crusted salmon with fried green tomatoes, fresh melon and ranch noodles.  The salmon recipe definitely has potential.  I followed someone's advice and reduced the honey, so the butter-dijon-honey ratio was about 1:1:1.  And I reduced the breadcrumbs to 1/4 cup.  Now if I can just remember to not overcook the salmon next time...) 

I'm also going to try making my friend Jennifer's scrumptious honeybun cake recipe this weekend.  If mine tastes half as good as hers, I'll be running nonstop next week to burn off the calories from my gluttony.   If we're up and around early tomorrow morning, I'm hoping to hit the new 'boro farmers market on the square, and then maybe venture down to the Readyville Mill to pick up some grits.