Jul 11, 2011

Let them eat cake.

And if it's your birthday, you really should eat cake!

It's time for the annual cake-a-thon.  It started with a lemon-berry 4th of July cake, then continued  last Saturday when I made a red velvet sheet cake, thanks to the recipe I spied on Pioneer Woman's blog. (I opted for traditional cream cheese frosting - I previously tried the "best-ever-frosting" she recommended and found it just so-so.  Maybe it's just me.)  Next Monday, I'll make a second red one to take to Secret Sisters.
It's much, much redder than it looks here.

Wednesday, I'm making a turtle cake for my "baby boy" who is turning a whopping 23.

Saturday is Memaw Katie's birthday. And that means...yes....another cake is coming up!

Sunday is our oldest son's birthday (he turns 26). As soon as he tells me what kind of cake he'd like, I'll make it, too.

I'm so glad I got the half-bowl and beater-thingy for my Kitchen-Aid. Looks like it's going to get broken in good this year!

Happy baking!