Jul 16, 2011

Loose ends: Inch by Inch, Yard by Yard

This week, time ran through my fingers like sand - the tighter I tried to hold onto it, the faster it went.  The remainder of our summer vacation is now measured in days, not weeks.

Swimmer Girl was home for a week between church camp and a mission campaign trip.  She heads out tomorrow with steel-toed work shoes, bug spray and sun screen, Ibuprofen and lots of scrunchies (because it's going to be hot and messy and showers will be few and far between), and a confirmation that her tetanus booster is up-to-date.

We celebrated middle child's birthday a day late on Thursday night and we'll celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday and oldest child's birthday with a combined cookout meal tonight.  (Two more cakes, coming up!)

Not many (okay, none, nada, not any) loose ends were actually tied off this week. But look what came in the mail on Thursday.
The fabric for the chair cushions!  Fabric.com is awesome - they were less than half the price of everybody else for this fabric, and I got free shipping. 

No more excuses - I have the new foam cushions and the fabric and I'm pretty sure the staple gun works just like it always has.  Now to find an hour or two to rip off the old fabric and padding, and re-do them. 

Happy Saturday!