Sep 19, 2011

Day of Rest: Week 2

We successfully avoided another Sunday of consumer-driven activities.  It was a close shave:  Mr. Official made tentative plans to attend the Titan's game, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

Would I have counted that as a consumer activity?  I guess so, but I can't muster much sympathy for professional athletes working nights and weekends, all things considered. They do refer to what they do as "playing" a game, right?

I also had to make sure I had everything on hand to feed 30 +/- teenagers Sunday night.  I thought I had all my bases covered on Saturday, but I failed to check my inventory of disposable dinner plates.  So some of the guys (who were polite enough to make up the end of the line) had to use smaller plates.  Sorry, fellas! )

In other news, I managed to whittle down my weekly grocery dashes from the average of five (or more) trips per week. (I's embarrassing to admit I am that disorganized most weeks, but it's the truth.)

The ultimate goal is to make just one trip per week, but that's going to take some serious behavior modification for me.  Last week was a three-trip week, and each trip was very focused:

1. Monday morning to get that all-important cream for my coffee, plus the bulk of the weekly groceries.
2. Thursday to snag some mushrooms for soup (really thought I had a can on hand, but I didn't, and the soup definitely needed them.)
3. Saturday's trip to stock up for Sunday night.

This week, I'm vowing to not let my shadow darken the grocer's doorstep more than twice. Gulp. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

So what did we eat on Sunday since we didn't eat out? Sunday lunch was humble tunafish sandwiches; Sunday supper for the group was pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, chips, topped off with apples and caramel dip and molten brownie cakes (recipe forthcoming), with lemonade and sweet tea to drink.

Are you contemplating a weekly "day of rest" for your family and wallet yet?  I'll keep posting our progress - whether we succeed or stumble - in the hopes it offers some encouragement to others.

Happy resting!

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