Jan 25, 2010

To snow or not to snow?

With all due apologies to The Bard, that is the question, at least for today. White pellets hit my window for a few minutes, then they stop as suddenly as they began. Start, stop. Start, stop. It's not sticking, though, so maybe there won't be a run on milk and bread just yet. (Even if there were a stampede, I think we'd be okay, since I did grocery shopping on Saturday. Of course, I didn't buy milk...hmmm.)

Speaking of pellets, the cat managed to rip open one of her krinkly "Kong" toys from Christmas, and spewed little pellets everywhere she carried the poor dead remains before we could stop her. Guess it's a good thing Flylady is focusing on the living areas this week...something tells me that Dyson and I will be busy playing pickup all week.

But back to the topic of snow. Our youth group is preparing for its annual pilgrimage to Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, Indiana for a weekend of snowy fun: tubing, boarding, or skiing - it's all there for us to enjoy. Of course, colder temps and more white stuff coming down from the sky means less manufactured snow and fewer icy patches to contend with on the slopes. So we'll keep our fingers crossed this week for some snowy days here--and in Indiana.

To continue my really random word association: Indiana. Home of the Colts, and to our own beloved UT alum and adopted Tennessee son, Peyton Manning. We'll be rooting for you on the 7th! That's also the day our congregation is holding a SOUP'R Sunday - we'll help restock our food pantry with donated items, and entice members to stay for lunch with a variety of warm and yummy soups while they check out the various service opportunities they can volunteer to help with in 2010. Then we'll all have the evening free to watch Super Bowl XLIV (or 44 for those who have forgotten their Roman numerals.) Definitely a day to look forward to - please come join us if you're in the neighborhood.