Feb 8, 2010

The Lodge dutch oven is here!

As I was working at my desk today, I heard the familiar rumble of the UPS truck starting up and pulling away. (I didn't hear him pull up, but I was pretty engrossed in my work.) I knew what that sound meant, though - a package was here, and sure enough, it was my new Lodge dutch oven, in what can only be described as R E A L L Y (really) G R E E N. I think it's the most gorgeous piece of cookware I've ever seen.

So what to try for her "maiden voyage" into the oven? I know I'm not ready to delve into Coq au Vin or Boeuf Bourguinon, but maybe a humble pork roast or even ribs and sauerkraut...

And of course, there's always the no-knead bread recipe that needs a dutch oven to bake. This could be a very good week for bread, as cold as it is. Cold and snowy. A front is moving through, dropping a snowfall on us tonight. It was coming down hard enough that I didn't feel comfortable driving across town to Bible Bowl, so we stayed in and I whipped up a hearty sausage/rice bean dish, along with coleslaw and fresh fruit on the side. After dinner, DD and DH made a dash outside to make a snowman. Of course, he has to wear a UT scarf ;o)

This week's menu is going to necessitate some reshuffling from last week, since we wound up out on the town Friday night - the Grand Ole Opry was too much fun. Everyone should go at least once - twice if Josh Turner is there. That boy can sing. This week includes another treat: DH made reservations for dinner at The Acorn on Saturday - an early Valentine's Day dinner. (Yes, I'm totally spoiled.)