Feb 4, 2010

Serendipitous success!

Occasionally I stumble on a new recipe that is a hit. Today was one such moment. I spotted this recipe for slow cooker pulled pork; it was on the back of a box of Lipton's mushroom/onion soup mix (don't tell) and decided to try it. It was actually quite tasty (just be sure to de-fat the sauce before mixing back in the shredded meat. My Oxo fat separator is awesome for such occasions.

I made a side of Pickled Okra Salsa I picked up from a recent Southern Living magazine. It was interesting...almost like tabouleh. Normally I would have made a coleslaw to top the sandwiches, but I've got coleslaw coming up as a side dish later this week, so the salsa made for an interesting side and - in this case - sandwich topping.

Listening to early morning radio during carpool duty, I ran across a dip recipe for Greek yogurt + capers + diced shallot. Mix together, serve with shrimp. Sounds healthy, but maybe a little bland? Then again, perhaps the original recipe gets its zing from grilling the shrimp (err, prawns.) I found some Greek yogurt today, so we'll give it a shot. If it's good, it'd be a great Super Bowl dip for those of us snacking our way through the game and trying to be somewhat health-minded. Who knows, maybe it will be another sweet moment of success.

I'm now on day 5 of feeding the sourdough starter - just a couple more days until it's ready to be considered true starter. Even better: tomorrow night is date night with my husband at the Grand Ol' Opry, listening to Josh Turner - woohoo!