Feb 15, 2010

Makin' Marsala Monday

We awoke this morning to more snow - a half inch or more covered the grass, and a sheen of ice lay on the roads. We slid across the parking lot at the YMCA before the crack of dawn...we're too old to be doing that sort of thing. We could fall and break something.

After the parking lot antics, I got in a 3 mile run, averaging somewhere around 10.5 minutes per. Not bad - just need to do it more frequently. Signed up DD for swim team again, and she got in about an hour in the pool on her own this afternoon. Spring break is just a few weeks away - South Carolina, here we come! Neither of us can do much about the pale skin that will be suddenly exposed to broad daylight, but who wants to be pale and flabby? A pretty good motivator to kick up the exercise regimen a notch or two.

Following Michael Chu's Cooking for Engineers' version of chicken marsala, I had to ad lib on the heavy cream (a little half and half, and a little butter), I served it up with some buttery/pesto-ey noodles, a fresh tossed Romaine salad and garlic bread. Not bad for a Monday night dinner.

Tomorrow is a stick-to-your-ribs family favorite: beef brisket in the crockpot all day. With some yummy au gratin potatoes on the side and probably some homemade bread, too. The weather forecast is shaping up to be another hearty dinner sort of day.

Since all the dinner leftovers wouldn't fit back in the fridge, I cleaned it out. And I discovered that indeed yogurt can go bad. And that you should always look at the date before you lick the lid. Mmmm.