Mar 1, 2010

Hey, sweetheart! Guess what you're getting for your birthday?

On this day, I stop and sing the praises of my mother-in-law for bringing her son (and now my husband) into the world. Thank you for all you did to raise him into the wonderful husband and father he is. You done good, memaw!

And to celebrate his special day, I'm ecstatic to announce that MY NEW FIESTA PLATES ARRIVED!!!! Woohoo! It's almost as good as the year we bought a pitchfork for my birthday. (I picked it out, but still...) I'm doin' the happy dance and waiting on them to finish a quick spin in the dishwasher so I can put them in the cabinet and admire them every time I walk into my kitchen.

Since my sister-in-law's birthday is also this week, we're planning a Friday night get-together, so we can celebrate properly, with a big pan (or two) of lasagna, salad and bread, plus a couple scrumptious desserts just for the birthday sibs.

My tomato and pepper seeds are probably tired of me hovering over them. If they would just grow, I wouldn't have to hover, now would I??? Weather-wise, we are warming up. (Hmmm. I think I should say that with my best Elmer Fudd voice.) By the week's end we might be up to 60 (aka "normal.") Hooray! We weren't able to till the garden last weekend (too wet, and just too cold to be outside for long), so this weekend *might* work. Unless he gets talked into taking the boat out on the lake to see what's biting...

Tonight is the next-to-last Bible Bowl challenge for the 2009/2010 season. Go Highland Heights team: I hope we know the story of Joseph really well!

P.S. to my awesome husband...well, maybe you'll get more than Fiesta plates for your (just-one-year-away-from-the-big-5-0) birthday. XOXOXO