Mar 11, 2010

Me and my notebooks

I have developed a fondness (fetish is much too strong a term) for 3-ring binders. Pretty ones, with nifty, colorful graphics. It started out innocently enough; last spring I found myself diving headfirst into our children's education program at Highland Heights, and I needed a way to organize my meeting notes, ideas and training materials.

So I bought a binder. And totally out of character for me, I passed over the sensible, plain white binders when my eyes landed on a pretty notebook. It had circles, and it spoke to me. I bought it. (Concerned friends pointed out it matched the pattern on a Thirty-One skirt purse I was carrying at the time...I assured them it was total coincidence. I'm not that kind of girl. "Coordinated" is not a word that comes to mind when you think of me.)

Then we launched our first annual school supply drive at Highland. It was a 6-week whirlwind of activity. To keep track of all the emails, correspondence, sign-up sheets, etc., I needed...another notebook. This one had squares. (No matching purse this time.)

Now we're getting ready to turn VBS on its head (literally and figuratively: it's now SBV, which stands for Summer Bible Vacation, and it will last all summer long. And yes, it puts me in mind of National Lampoon's Vacation (but minus the less family-friendly parts.) And this means...I need another notebook. So this one is striped.

See? Aren't they adorable? But I'm not sure what this holds for my future. I mean, let's say I just happen to find another really awesome binder. Will I need to take on another project so I can justify buying it? And on the flip side, what happens if I suddenly can't find any other cute and distinctive patterned notebooks? Would that mean I'll have to decline any other projects? Surely not...