Mar 18, 2010

What a week!

Okay, so we went from on-top-of-the-world weekend to toilet-hugging Monday, all in the span of a few hours. Either I'm getting older or this thing was rougher than most, but it stayed longer than the typical 24-hour-bug. Now it's hopefully run its course through our whole family, except the child who lives away and was smart/lucky enough to STAY away this week. Clorox and Lysol, here I come. This was an exceptionally lousy time to get sick - spring break is approaching at breakneck speed. My menu for this week is virtually untouched; guess it'll do for a do-over in April.

Thankfully I was nearing a full recovery by Wednesday morning and able to keep my Dinner A'Fare appointment today, so the freezer is well-stocked for when we return home. Here were my choices from their March entrees:

shrimp 'n grits with a bourbon red-eye gravy
chicken balsamico
south-of-the-border tenderloin
flank steak with gorgonzola and walnut butter sauce
five-spices chicken with cilantro cream
horseradish-encrusted burgers

I tossed in a breakfast entree for good measure (heuvos rancheros - let's see how THEY fix 'em.) And next month's menu looks even more enticing. Hmmm.

Tonight the Vols play San Diego State University (the NCAA basketball playoffs begin today.) Go Big Orange!!! It's a late-starting game, and given our weakened constitutions (*snicker*) we might have to watch it from the bedroom TV. But then it won't be in high-def. Decisions, decisions. speaking of which, I guess I better go decide what to start for dinner. A few days out of my normal routine, and I've completely forgotten how to plan and cook dinner.