May 6, 2010

Big news: we're grandparents!

Well, not really - but until our children decide to settle down with a spouse and have real children, this 9-week-old bundle of fur will have to do. Last night, our oldest son adopted a "baby" - a pure white husky that looks a lot like our Samoyeds when they were puppies. As of yet she has no name, so we just say "here, pooch" when we want her attention. If anyone has a suggestion for a name, we're all ears (and so is she, as you can see in this picture.)

Our own dog wasn't too keen on the interloper's appearance this morning, but after a few minutes, they seemed to decide they could get along. They both agreed it was fun to play in the grass this morning, although having short legs meant "the pooch" got her belly tickled by the grass, which is nearly as tall as she is. She spent most of her time hopping instead of walking or running.

And like all good "grandparents" we immediately volunteered to watch "the baby" while Shea worked today. And like all new parents, he has called to check on her. So far, her routine is romp, stomp and nap (and a bathroom break thrown in for good measure.) Something tells me the rest of the day will be much of the same, plus food.

Let's hope my wool rugs are safe from puppy messes...which do tend to come with puppies. The cat is simply wondering what she did to deserve two dogs drinking out of *her* waterbowl, and skulking around with a bigger-than-usual scowl on her face.