May 15, 2010

I'm a transformation junkie

That explains a lot about me.  I get a big thrill out of a reorganized sock drawer or a totally clean refrigerator.  I probably waste a lot of energy opening that fridge when I have cleaned it out, just to admire the neatly arranged contents.

Today it was the deck's turn.  I took the shop vac to the outside rug, which got rid of most of the ground-in winter detritus (still have some pesky moss problems that an oxygen-based cleaner should remove when I get the 9x13, 50-pound thing hauled out to the driveway for more indepth cleaning.)

I ditched the 3-year-old seat cushions in favor of new seems wasteful but the old ones had the double-fate of being mildewed and dry-rotted so it was time for new ones.

Three planters got the top foot of soil removed and replaced with fresh container mix and plants.  The 3-foot long troughs on the side of the deck got new coir liners (I discovered you have to make them yourself - no one in the 'boro carries this size...argh) and new plants were introduced as soon as the liners and soil were in place.

The grill got new innards:  new burner and flame diffuser, plus a new cover (the old one was suffering from dry rot, too.  The grates are sheathed in a foamy cloud of de-greaser for now.

That leaves just two final tasks to complete the deck:  replace four containers that have failed due to winter damage; I guess they will only hold up for so long if I don't make room for them in the garage.  I'm not sure what I want to replace them with, so the search is on.  And power-washing and sealing the deck.  That may have to wait a few more weeks.  But I can stroll out on my deck tomorrow morning with that first steaming mug of coffee, and enjoy the freshly planted flowers and sit in a chair whose cushion doesn't crunch when I touch it.  Hooray for transformations!  Pics coming soon!