May 4, 2010

Two telecommuters

So this is what it's like to have your better half home all day with you. Hmmmm. Tony's offices were flooded from the river next to the plant in Ashland City. It will be a while before they get them rehabilitated, or find alternate office space to rent. For the time being, he's telecommuting too. He has set up a command post in the den (all the better to see the stock market on the big screen TV, my dear.) I think we'll save a bundle on gas for his car while they figure things out. And it really is nice to have him home when there's still daylight left outside.

But it's funny how you don't realize that you have little routines (and you LIKE them) until something comes along that disrupts those little routines. To cause further disruption, schools here in Rutherford County (including MTSU) were closed earlier this week. So instead of Monday morning being a typical starting point to my week, it felt like...Saturday. Running, pshaw - who wants to do that when you can rise late, stretch out and enjoy a very leisurely cup of coffee to start the day?

When evening rolled around, they wanted me to start something for dinner. Really? What a sweet idea...but isn't it the weekend? No? Seriously? It felt like it.

This morning wasn't much better, but I did manage to remember to start dinner and get it on the table at a reasonable time.

Tomorrow MUST go better. A new routine must be established. One that has two people drinking from a single pot of coffee and not quibbling over who gets the last cup...