Aug 21, 2010

We haven't had a rain like that since...

...well, since at least 2,600 hours ago. (And no, of course I didn't expend valuable mental energy calculating that when there are websites that will do it for me.)

Two fronts rolled through here this afternoon, bringing rain, and then a much longer and harder rain shower with a lot of thunder and lightning to accompany it.  At 6 pm, we had as much (or more) water running in front of our house as we did during the floody weekend of May 1.

No complaints, mind you.  We had a couple weeks of 100+ degree days and zilch for rain those days.  Made me wonder if we had been transported back to Oklahoma just in time for the annual August heat wave.  So I'm grateful for today's deluge, even though it comes too little and too late for poor Alberta Spruce (aka Victim #4) which has indeed bit the dust and looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas, it'll soon be time for our friendly family competition:  we all start listening to commercials to see who hears the first Christmas commercial of the season.  The Rockettes have historically been first out of the gate, but with Opryland's flooding problems last May, who knows if they'll be in town this year?  We will be going to see Straight No Chaser at TPAC next month; wonder if they will do their Twelve Days of Christmas?