Aug 12, 2010

Words we love to hear

On this side of "Well done, good and faithful servant," there are some phrases that are guaranteed to bring joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces.  A few come to mind, arranged in no particular order:

"Happy birthday!"
"Breakfast is ready!"
"Can I have your phone number?"
"You have a new text message."
"Congratulations, graduate!"
"You're hired!"
"I'm going to let you off with a warning instead of writing you a ticket."
"Your table is ready."
"I love you."
"I do."
"Sure we can bump you to first class for this flight."
"Your loan was approved."
"It's a healthy baby [girl] or [boy]."
"Nothing serious - no sign of concussion" (or "no broken bones," or "it was only a baby tooth.")
"We're home!"
"You're in luck:  it's the last one in stock and it's your size."
"Let's meet for lunch - my treat!" 
"Can I have your recipe?"
"Happy anniversary!" 

"Your order has shipped."

If anybody is looking for me today, I'll be busy washing and putting away my new favorite cooking things and whipping up some cinnamon roll dough for a special breakfast this weekend.

But I do have time for a photo update of the pooches.  Here's little dog in one of her calmer moments. 

And here's big dog, sweet as always.