Aug 6, 2010

Clean Desk Mission: Day 14

It's still clean.  (It's no wonder it's rained the past couple of days - I am pretty sure I've shifted some cosmic force in the universe.  Watch out Miami, you may get snowed in this fall if I keep this up.) 

All joking aside, it has been really nice to sit down each morning to a fresh start each day for the past two weeks.  My active notebooks are always within arm's reach (and a few new ones are stowed away for future projects.)

I have to admit that during the course of any given day, the desk can still get cluttered up, but I am disciplining myself to clean it up each night, filing away bills, coupons, and stowing my notebooks back in their place.  As a direct result of keeping my desk clean, I have:
  • paid the household bills ahead of schedule this month (usually I'm scrambling to get them paid in the nick of time to avoid late fees);
  • gathered my receipts, summarized them in a spreadsheet so we know what we spent on SBV this year - and for what area. (AND I turned it in and received my reimbursement check - woohoo!); 
  • compiled all the school supply giveaway notes and emails so we can put THAT project to rest until next year;
  • remembered to grab coupons and saved quite a few $$$ this week;
  • kept up with all my printouts of new recipes and shopping lists for the past two weeks, which in turn meant we tried several new dishes, some of which were keepers.
For those of you who don't struggle with maintaining control of your desk (and the everyday tasks that flow across it), all I can say is "good for you!"  For me, these accomplishments represent a huge step forward in staying on top of things and balancing my time and energy among all the ongoing projects and daily activities that tug and pull me in dozens of directions each day.

Still white-knuckling my way through this...