Sep 11, 2010

Fall comes to Big Orange Country

Indeed, Tennessee is Big Orange Country and it's God's Country. (Why else would He have made sunsets orange?) All half-joking and state pride bragging aside, it is time for fall and football - game two for Dooley and the boys today; the season opener for Jeff Fisher and our own Titans on Sunday. Who cares if the calendar says it's technically fall or not? It's in the air and it's in our hearts. The hot tub is a perfect 100 degrees; the outdoor fireplace is all set with kindling and logs.

Yesterday I switched my blog background and header and now it's time for the orange blitz:  orange jerseys, orange t-shirts, orange blankets, and orange pumpkins - and a new baby blue sweater for Sunday's Code Blue.

The weekend's plans included a Friday evening dinner and catching-up time in Clarksville with some very dear friends from Oklahoma.  Saying prayers for a safe trip home for this sweet family and wishing a special young man godspeed in his travels when he deploys with his unit on Monday.  We'll be counting down the days until he's back.

This morning it was time to drag the fall decorations out of the attic (some years that doesn't happen until late October, but this year, I've got the "bug" early.) Here's the mantel before (this spring) and now: 
And may the Lord have mercy on me if I step foot in Hobby Lobby while I'm in this weakened state - the smell of craft items will surely cause me to swoon and/or deliriously buy everything in sight.  (Must remain strong. Must remain away from craft stores...)

Tonight, us girls will rustle up some chicken wraps and catch the UT-Oregon game on ESPN.  It's a 6:00 kickoff so I encouraged Mr. Official to take our oldest son with him since I need to have my wits about me if I'm going to teach on Sunday morning.

It's also time to keep one ear to the ground for sleigh bells...the first Christmas commercial is undoubtedly on its way.  (Hmmm, if only I watched TV with any regularity these days, I might win our family contest to see who sees/hears the first one of the season.)

Happy fall, y'all!

P.S. I hope we will all take a moment today to meditate on the events of nine years ago:
those who died,
those who survived,
and those who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe ever since.