Apr 3, 2010

It's not the same color

Yesterday I made good on my commitment to paint the hall and den this month.

Today my neck and legs are paying penance for the painting marathon. Here's the "before" shot of the den.

You can see the drywall patchwork on the ceiling (if I had a nickel for every drywall patch I've made in this house, I'd have a lot of nickels.) You can also see the mantel. In case you can't guess, winter mantels are a struggle for me in my annual post-holiday funk. Anyhoo, the wall color is called "dried grass" and it's decidedly in the green family, although it leans toward khaki.

The new color is called "winter garden" and I used it to great effect (IMHO) in the formal living/dining room. It's a mustard-y color, or so I thought. You can judge for yourself. After I got the walls painted, the men-folk in our family strolled in and both said "it's the same color as before." I harrumphed them out and insisted they were dead wrong. And they were...but if I were under oath, I'd have to confess the two colors are...well...similar. At least the mantel has been made over, thanks to some sepia-toned prints of photos my better half snapped while we were enjoying the beach in South Carolina. The biggest print is a rowboat in a marsh, a la Sparks' "The Notebook" and was spotted by DD when I was getting the photos framed today. Good eye, that one. Takes after her mama.

Of course, now that I've painted the den, the adjacent kitchen and breakfast nook are suddenly looking a little shabby. Sigh...this is how I have managed to paint every room of this house 3 times over in less than a decade.