Apr 16, 2010

Who decided landscape was a verb?

land - a noun, referring to an area of ground.
scape - also a noun. Meaning a view or scene.

Someone put those two words together and suddenly it's a verb, with or without adding "-ing" to the end. And it's not just a verb, it's an action verb, generally requiring a lot of grunting, sweating and sore muscles. Who got to make that call? I want to know if they do their own landscape work.

This time of year, the task of maintaining our landscape (aha, there it is - as a noun again), is daunting. The weeds grow before my very eyes, despite the horrible soil (which we like to call "insta-brick"), tree roots that snake their way into every crevice, and bermudagrass, which I firmly believe is one of Satan's tools to cause us to sin, whether by cursing it, harboring hatred and malice in our heart toward it, or even attempting to kill it. Repeatedly.

Today I helped oldest son with his landscaping (see, it's morphed back into a verb) today. Fortunately, he's young and has a strong back, so my role consisted mainly of advising when his stone blocks were drifting one direction or another. It's a tough job being a garden coach, but somebody had to do it. And yes, that's my website, and yes, I do actually garden coach.

Good news: his stacked stone wall looks awesome, his new and replanted shrubs look orderly and should soon fill in the space without getting overgrown like the old stuff), and the only thing he lacks is a couple more shrubs. Better news - he used up the stacked stone blocks we had languishing after we dismantled the big pond last year.

I told him I'd visit some local nurseries and be his personal shopper tomorrow while he and his daddy are out on the lake fishing. It's a sacrifice, but I'll make myself go.

It's their first time to take the new (to us) boat out. Here's hoping the weather is kind to them - I think it's supposed to be a little cooler over the next week, which is fine by me.