Apr 11, 2010

Even the weeds look good this time of year

Everything is so green and spring-y (yes, I could use my big-girl words like "verdant" but somehow "spring-y" fits.)

With youngest child off at a weekend youth retreat, we spent a gorgeous Saturday tending to our property. While Tony ran his new pull-behind sprayer (wayyyy better than a pump sprayer), I hand-weeded the daylily/daffodil bed - all 70-some feet of it. Then pruned the crepe myrtle - with a little help. Once the day's toils were wrapping up, I stopped to look down the street and I was reminded of why we chose this house (aside from its location.) Here's what we see from our front porch, and why we put up with neighbors who apparently self-medicate, and others who probably should be on meds ;o) It really is a pretty neighborhood and it typifies traditional southern neighborhoods, with graceful, mature trees and carefully tended homes and yards.

Once we got the front yard looking good, we turned our attention to the backyard today, where the rose bushes got pruned and weeded, the golf bench was properly situated between some azaleas, and the golf man and sundial were positioned just-so.

Another contorted filbert (they say third time's the charm) was promptly planted after being carried home last night. I do hope this one survives...they're kind of pricey to keep buying, planting and killing.

This week, I'll replace (also for the third time) an Alberta spruce that flanks the sidewalk out back. Hopefully I can find one approximately the same size as the surviving "mate." Then it's on to power-washing the deck, sidewalk and anything else that doesn't move out of my way, and getting mulch in place.