Apr 4, 2010

A day for bunnies, baskets and babka

Recently, I stumbled over a scrumptious-looking photo of some sweet bread. Upon further investigation, I found it was called "babka," - a polish sweet cake made with yeast. Traditionally filled with cinnamon or chocolate and a favorite Easter treat. Talk about serendipity.

The babka in the photo was filled with a chocolate and hazelnut filling. Yum. I quickly found numerous recipes for babka, and settled on this one from Cooking Light.

I baked it last night, using chocolate-hazelnut spread (World Market's version of nutella) in lieu of the dark chocolate filling in the recipe. It was delicious with coffee this morning. I'm still wondering how I missed the babka episode of Seinfeld, but it's clear that babka should become part of my sweet roll repertoire.

In other news, the Easter bunny still delivers to our house. Three baskets, each filled with identical chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs and malted milk "robin eggs" were lined up on the table this morning. Pretty much exactly like when the kids were little. Although now, the chocolate isn't devoured or hoarded immediately - they're actually pretty laid-back about checking their baskets on Easter morning. I guess one of these days, we'll be done with this aspect of Easter, but for now the bunny still hops here.

After morning worship services, four of us (middle child had to work - bummer) snapped a few photos before we changed into casual clothes.

Then we headed to Lebanon to enjoy a delicious Easter dinner courtesy of my sister-in-law, with the Lea family and some friends. Wonderful food, even better fellowship was had on this gorgeous spring day.