Aug 16, 2011

The great laundry detergent mystery

A couple weeks ago, swimmer girl and I were making a tactical strike on my favorite-place-to-loathe-shopping: WalMart. (To all my friends and family who work at WM: I love y'all. But as a rule, the stores are just too big, and our local one has...well...declined in quality. Friendly folks work there, which makes it tolerable once I get my items rounded up.)


On my list was laundry detergent. Swimmer girl and middle son have eczema, so our laundry detergent must be free of dyes and other allergens. The front-loading washer means it must be marked with that little HE symbol. The list of choices is narrow. It's usually All Free & Clear or Tide.
Have you seen me?

I picked up a jug of All. I'm sure I did. Swimmer girl backs me up - we got the jug.

When we got home, I was pressed for time so I unloaded only the perishables and left the rest in the car overnight.

When I finally got around to bringing the other stuff in, you guessed it:  no detergent.  I didn't even miss it at first.  A few days passed and someone mentioned we were running low.  I asked if there was a new jug in the laundry room - nope.  So I chalked it up to absent-mindedness. I thought I bought some, but apparently not. No mystery there, right?

But a few days ago, as I was pulling onto the road that leads to our house, a jug of detergent was sitting on the edge of our property. Same brand, same size as what I thought I purchased.

A little worse for wear...and about 1/4 gone. Middle son said he found it on the bank of the pond when he mowed that day; he set it out on the road in case someone came by for it. He didn't know I was missing an identical jug of the stuff.

Aside from the laundry fairy, there are two possible explanations - one is a little disappointing and the other is highly implausible.

1) Someone "borrowed" it out of my car, had a crisis of conscience and returned it.
2) By some weird stroke of epic coincidence, a jug of the same brand and size fell out of someone's vehicle going around the curve and it toppled down the slope toward the pond.

Shrug. At least I have detergent again. And I guess I'll start locking my car at night.

Happy laundering,