Aug 26, 2011

Where's the beef?

I was working away the other day when there was a knock on the door. I was expecting a USPS delivery, so I figured it was the mailman.


It wasn't Clara Peller, either.  (She died 24 years ago this month.)
(If you remember this 1984 commercial, you may be older than you realize!)
It was a guy with a local frozen meat delivery route.

He was in luck.  We are most definitely omnivores in our family - voracious ones, and we love meat along with our vegetables.

He was down to the end of his freezer, and he was willing to cut a deal to move his remaining inventory of steaks and burgers from his freezer to mine.  We've had good success with frozen steaks before, so I was willing to deal, too.

So where's the beef?

It's now in our freezer! Some nice-looking sirloin strips, T-bones, filets, and 1/2-pound patties. Thank goodness we have at least three more months of grilling weather before we'll park the grill for a few months, and set our sights on cold-weather beef cuts, like briskets, stews and roasts.

By then, I hope we'll have cleared out enough room for me to do an overdue freezer cleanout and make room for some venison.  A broad hint to all our hunting friends:  we would be happy to take your excess ground deer meat for soups and stews this winter.  And some venison sausage sounds pretty tasty, especially on a cold winter morning.

Happy dealing and grilling!