Aug 12, 2011


According to the Old Farmers Almanac, July 3 marked the start of the 40 dog days of summer and if my math is correct, that means they end today.  (Somebody tell the weatherman, please?)

Until recently I didn't really know why we call these hot, steamy days "dog days" - I just know the dogs seem to spend most of their indoor time these days moving from one cool spot to another on our wood and tile floors.   (Little dog spends a couple days a week over here, where she can romp and stomp and aggravate big dog and the cat until she finally sprawls out and naps along with them.)

Little dog and big dog snoozed while I steamed up the kitchen making pepper relish
Turns out, the term goes back to ancient Romans and astronomy. Sirius (the star) rose around sunrise around this time of year. The Romans thought they could appease his rage with sacrifices and offerings. Bad dog.

Knowing why we call them the dog days won't make them any cooler, so I'll just keep watering the plants and fanning myself and hoping my water and electric bills aren't too outrageous this month.

Stay cool!