Jan 27, 2012

Big news: I'm moving!

Just when I got settled in and comfy, I started noticing a few things around here that don't work quite right.  I've tried to repair them myself but after talking to some experts, I have learned it can't be done. They're simply defective and no one knows how to fix them. 

I've tried to just live with them, work around them, and ignore them. But to be honest, some of these problems are downright annoying.   And life is too short to settle, especially when there are better alternatives available.

So I decided it was time to see what else was out there.  After weighing all my options, I'm happy to report I've found a new home and I'm packing up everything to move, starting tomorrow.

I'm really hoping it will be a one-day move, not spread out in a piecemeal fashion.

Realistically, I'll probably wind up with stuff at both places for a while, which will be a pain, but it will give everyone time to get comfortable at the new place.

The good news is, the new place should look and feel a lot like the old place - in fact, it's an almost identical layout, so everything will be pretty much in the same spot as it is here.

I thought I should let everyone know the new address, so you can find us.

Here it is:

(notice the extra "d" - I'm not just a domestic dilettante, but a domesticated one.)

Oh my.

I just realized the potential for confusion here.

But surely you didn't think we were moving to a different house so soon after our last move

Did you?????

Puhleeze!  We haven't even been here a year yet!   Give me at least a few years before I could begin to entertain that thought without laughing hysterically.

Anyway, please come visit me soon. The good news is, it will take you EXACTLY the same amount of time to get here instead of the old place.

Happy moving,

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