Jan 9, 2012

Geauxxxxxxx, SEC

For Big Orange fans, it has been the winter of our discontent. (Thank you, Master Shakespeare for this and so many other apt quotes.)  We had little to cheer about during the regular season, and no post-holiday bowl games to bring us cheer.

But the BCS championship tonight means at least one SEC team will be the national champs.  And it also marks the official end of the 2011 college football season.

Finis, finale, omega, terminus, The End.

Turn the last page and close the book.  May next fall be better.

Disclaimer:  in case you don't know us well, we are SO not Alabama fans (I prefer to think that big red "A" on the back of all those Alabama cars stands for an adjective.  One that aptly fits all those Tide fans who revel in being drunk, belligerent and obnoxious, especially on game days.  Hey, don't act like the backside of a mule, and we won't be reduced to thinking of you as such.)

And we're really not fans of the Tigers either - especially after the 2010 robbery we endured at their hands. 

That said, I thought I would at least tip my figurative chef's hat to the two teams matching up tonight.  The main dish goes to LSU with some hearty, spicy chicken and shrimp gumbo; the recipe is courtesy of one of my childhood friends.  It was at her dinner table  that I was first introduced to the wonderfulness that is gumbo, so I'm excited to try her family recipe.    To balance things, dessert is a nod to Alabama's legendary coach, a Bear Bryant chew cake.  (I have no idea what Coach Saban likes to eat, and I highly doubt I'll ever really care.)

I just hope that one year in the not-so-distant future we're not sitting at home during bowl week, but instead we're somewhere singing "Rocky Top" until we're hoarse and cheering our boys to a bowl victory after a solid, soul-satisfying winning season.

Happy eating,

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P.S. If you're wondering if I am still making it a point to make Sundays our day of rest, the answer is yes!  In fact, I had a long grocery and supplies list after cleaning house this past Saturday.  I was tempted to put it off and make a Sunday afternoon shopping trip, but I bit the bullet and went on  Saturday evening.  I was quickly and repeatedly reminded just how blessed I am to be able to shop during the day on weekdays.  I think 7 pm on a Saturday night is cranky time for every child being dragged around a store by an equally cranky parent.  But because I restocked the pantry when I did, our Sunday lunch was quickly put together (hot Hawaiian ham and cheese sandwiches) and Sunday evening was crockpot full of hearty loaded potato soup.  In between was time for football, a little online work, my daily Bible reading....and a nap.