Feb 21, 2011

The Countdown to Carolina

Looking at the calendar, there's just under a month before spring break.  After this year's winter weather, it absolutely cannot. come. soon. enough.  Breaking our trend of visiting somewhere new each year, we've planned a return to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina with swimmer girl and one of her friends I refer to as my "other daughter." Last year's weather was a little cool, but we had an awesome time eating our weight in seafood, drinking in the sights of Charleston, shopping in Myrtle Beach and kicking around the beautiful beaches and marshes in the area.

Since my heart goes pitter-pat every time I think of the upcoming trip, I'm using the anticipation as a motivator to pick up the exercise pace and drop a few pounds so I can indulge in the regional food without guilt.  It seems my calf strain has finally fully healed, so I'm committed to hitting the treadmill three days a week, in addition to my Body Pump, yoga and pilates classes.  I figure logging several miles each week, along with cutting out a lot of empty calories (paring down the pantry is also whittling down our usual snack food reserves) should help me slough off the pounds that sneaked up on me during the holidays.  And I'm challenging myself to doing a 15-minute "hotspot pickup" every time the urge to munch hits.

So we'll see if my plan works.  If it does, the house and I should both be in much better shape by the time we leave.  And to all my local friends:  feel free to hold me accountable.  If you see me skulking around the post-Valentine chocolates or noshing on unhealthy foods, go ahead, give me a nudge.  I'll love ya for it.

Happy Monday!