Feb 7, 2011

Super Sunday

For many years, Super Bowl Sunday was a red letter day on my calendar because it signaled the end of another football season.  I love Mr. Official and he loves football, but it took me a while to share his love of the game, especially when the season starts in April with spring scrimmages and goes to February.

Some years we've gone to Super Bowl parties where I've helped wrangle food and chatted throughout the game, pausing our girl talk just long enough to watch the commercials.  This year was a quiet year at home; swimmer girl went to a friend's house and Mr. Official was at my mother-in-law's for the first half of the game.  What's a dilettante to do when she doesn't have a buffet of food to tend to?

After grabbing a quick late afternoon nap, I made a date with my desk and the laundry room.  As the stupor of my eBay spree wears off, I realize I haven't seen my desk blotter since I put it on the desk on January 1.  (So much for my clean desk resolution, huh?)  And that laundry fairy is AWOL again.  So I washed and tidied in between commercials, and even got rid of some magazines and old catalogs that were gathering dust in my bookshelves.

And now the 2010 football season is officially over, I think I'm actually looking forward to the 2011 season.  May our Vols pick up the pieces and re-establish themselves as an SEC powerhouse.  May the Titans find a new head coach as good as Jeff Fisher, and a new quarterback that's better than Vince Young. (First one is a tall order, second one should be pretty easy.)

And may my desk and laundry room keep themselves a little tidier, at least for a while.

Happy Sunday