Oct 31, 2011

Day of rest, week 8: no treats

Another Sunday has passed.  We witnessed the latest UT loss in Knoxville on Saturday (yeah, we're a little bitter.)  Since it was a late game, we spent the night before driving home Sunday morning and dropping off a nephew and his friend on the way.  When we arrived back home, I broke out an old-but-favorite tomato-basil cream soup recipe, and grilled some cheese sandwiches for our dinner. So it was a mostly non-consumer day; hotel breakfast notwithstanding.

Today is my least-favorite holiday.  Last year, I gave an explanation as to why I don't do Halloween anymore.  And I realize that makes me a bit of an oddity among my friends. (But so does my Sunday-day-of-rest thing, so I'm 2 for 2!)

In case you wondered, I can say I have never been afraid of poisoned candy or finding razor blades or needles in the treats. Nor have I ever been concerned that I or my children would be abducted by a satanic cult or opportunistic creep, even though we approached our share of strangers' doors on a dark night.

As a non-Catholic, I just can't celebrate Halloween as "All Hallow's Eve."  If I don't celebrate All Saints Day, it would be disingenuous to claim to celebrate its eve.

So why do I avoid this holiday?  In a nutshell, I'm a Christian, and it seems that modern society is quickly growing intolerant of Christians; I guess this is my proverbial line in the sand.  While I don't expect non-believers to adopt my beliefs, I hope they will reciprocate my tolerance and  understanding if I refuse to buy into a day that celebrates a combination of paganism, hedonism, gothic and the occult.

While I know everyone won't jump on this bandwagon with me, I hope that more will begin to open their eyes and realize there's probably a connection between the downplaying and marginalizing of Christian holidays and practices, with the swift rise in the commercial popularity of this one. 

Mr. Official asked me f I thought we'd have many trick-or-treaters.  Since we now live on a quiet country road, I'm hoping our unlit porch light won't disappoint too many out looking for some treats.  For those of you who participate in the festivities tonight, may you have a safe and happy evening. And I hope I've given you some substantive food for thought to go with all that candy.

Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder and Terri Garr in "Young Frankenstein"
If you drop by our house, be prepared to hang out a while - you'll undoubtedly get drawn into watching Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein" with us.  It is my one concession (aside from my beloved Charlie Brown images) to the day, with its goofy, campy send-off on the classic "horror" flicks of decades past.

Happy Monday,

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