Mar 17, 2011

How long does it take?

This morning, I took an armful of odds and ends and placed them in a USPS Priority box, sealed it shut, and mailed it.

How long do you suppose it takes to pack a small box?

Conservatively, my guess is it took approximately 5 minutes to get it ready to mail. (It wouldn't have taken that long but I had to climb in the attic to fetch a new box.)

Post Office AND soda shoppe!
And then it took about 2 minutes to drop it off at Reeves Sain, my favorite U.S. Post Office in all of Murfreesboro.  (They have an old-fashioned soda fountain that serves lunch and handmade shakes and malts.  And a store with all kinds of fun gifts, greeting cards.  And a full-service compounding pharmacy. But I digress.)

All-told It took seven minutes.

And 80 days.

You see, the contents of the box consisted of Christmas stocking stuffer gifts left behind by family, who realized immediately what they had done.  Their items have been sitting beside my desk, waiting on me to do what I finally got around to doing today.

Now we know that a 7-minute process can take almost 3 months if left in the hands of a procrastinator. Hopefully the USPS delivers the box a little faster than I packed it.

Happy procrastinating,