Mar 13, 2011

My favorite afternoon of the year

I confess: I absolutely, positively adore Daylight Saving Time. I wish we stayed on it year-round and just made it the new norm. But since we don't, each year I get to welcome my old friend when DST comes back. It's kind of like the first M&M out of the bag - for some reason, it's just a little more enjoyable than all the others - although the rest of them are plenty delightful too.

Georges Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
It's true that I do not necessarily care so much for the first couple of mornings of DST, but I will take the trade-off of having the extra hour of light that extends the afternoon into early evening. It makes the day seem longer.  Yes, I know the day isn't any longer, and yes, I know we don't even really get an "extra hour" of daylight. but it sure is an extra hour of daylight that I'm awake and able to fully enjoy, and somehow the days seem longer when you stay outside later.

Happy spring-ing forward!