Mar 2, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Bakin' Bacon

We are a bacon-loving family. We enjoy it on summertime BLTs, wrapped around holiday  green beans and crumbled in our potato soup and salads, and of course as a favorite breakfast meat, accompanying pancakes, eggs, muffins, or just about anything else I put on the table.

I could probably convince my children (and Mr. Official) to do just about anything by waving a strip of perfectly cooked bacon under their nose.  Getting bacon to that perfectly cooked state got a lot easier when I discovered this method of preparing it in the oven.   I wish I could say I came up with it on my own, but I can't.  You'll find scads of recipes and directions floating around cyberspace, so if you haven't tried baking your bacon, you really should. 

Sweet and Peppery Bacon

Sliced bacon (we prefer thick-sliced but you can use thin - check after 5-6 minutes on each side)
Coarse-ground pepper
Brown sugar

Heat oven to 400 F.  Line a heavy baking sheet or broiler pan with foil.  (Use at least two layers and maybe three - you'll thank me later.)

Place bacon strips on foil and sprinkle lightly with pepper and brown sugar - roughly 1/8 teaspoon pepper and 1 teaspoon brown sugar per 6 slices of bacon.  Turn the strips over and sprinkle the other side now, or midway through with another sprinkle of pepper and brown sugar.

Place in oven and bake for 8-10 minutes.  Turn and finish cooking to desired crispness, usually another 5-7 minutes (more or less depending on thickness of bacon strips.)  Drain on paper towels.

In case you're wondering, no this doesn't splatter up the oven - the only cleanup is to throw away the foil.  (I told you it was a perfect recipe.)  At last, I can concentrate on creating perfect pancakes instead of dividing my attention between flipping the hotcakes and bacon sizzling in a skillet or in the microwave!  The addition of a little pepper and brown sugar adds a scrumptious layer of flavor.

Happy cooking,