Mar 25, 2011

Time's up

Today we pack it up and head northwest.  I'll be shaking sand out of everything for a while. 

College of Charleston
I think beach time goes faster than real-world time.  Where has the week gone?  Once again South Carolina has captured my heart and captivated me.  (Swimmer Girl should think hard about College of Charleston - Southwest now has nonstop flights to this charmed city, and her mother would love an excuse to come up for long weekends occasionally. Make that frequently.  Okay, all the time.)

Next week is back to the usual routine: working, working out, cleaning, laundry, cooking (and cooking out), and scouting out a new abode.

Come to think of it, life is really good--no matter where I am.

Sunset on the marsh walk
But every time I visit this part of the country, I think I leave a tiny bit of my heart behind.  One of these days, we might just have to figure out a way to make this home, especially if my heart insists on staying here piece by piece.  One of the employees at one of Mr. Official's new favorite golf course was putting his golf bag in my car and remarked on the Tennessee tags and "Carolina Girl" window sticker.  I told him a girl can hope, even if it might take another 15 years or so before we can think about retiring somewhere.  (I'm pretty sure I could stand a few more spring breaks in South Carolina while we count down the years.)

Happy spring,