Apr 11, 2011

Clearing out the cobwebs

Our coat closet is one of my biggest cleaning enemies

(Hmmm.  Have you ever noticed how "nemesis" is almost a perfect anagram of "enemies"?)

This closet - like the other storage closets in our home - is not large, but it is a convenient catch-all: old photographs and negatives (yeah, negatives), spare birthday and shower gifts for emergency situations, school supplies, front door seasonal decorations, and of course, coats, scarves, mittens and hats.  It hasn't been completely emptied since I painted it..many years ago.  Until today.  This morning, I will face the mess I can see and whatever lurks beneath.  As much as I dread it, it's time.  I refuse to mindlessly move these things to the next home without culling out everything that doesn't belong here and isn't loved, oft-used or otherwise absolutely needed.

I'm hoping the actual cleaning will be less dreadful than the anticipation of it.  Sometimes we put things off, and let them build up to overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our minds.  I think I have a few mental closets that could also stand to be emptied out and cleared of some useless stuff I've held onto for far too long.  The multi-tasker in me wonders if I can do both simultaneously.  It's worth a try.  If all goes well, the linen closet is next.  Same song, second verse.

If I'm brave, I'll show before and after pics of both later this week.  (Posting them might shame me into not letting any new closets get to this level of messiness.)

Happy clearing,