Apr 5, 2011

Moving: Past the hurdles

We're now down to two weeks and two days to have a new home-sweet-home to call home. 

Inspection? Check.

Appraisal? Also check.

The two big hurdles were cleared with room to spare.  Getting termite and septic certificates from the sellers and choosing an insurance company are pretty much the only outstanding items for the underwriters to give us the all-clear and close on April 21.

Yes, that is correct.  It's not a typo, if you've been paying attention to the dates.  We've gone from April 25 to April 22, now to April 21.  If we keep it up, we'll be careening into an even-earlier closing date some time next week before we know it.  Just kidding. Really - please, no earlier than this newest date.

Happy hurdle-clearing,