Apr 15, 2011

Ta-da! My to-do's are now da-da-da-DONE

We're down to less than a week until we close on the new house. While waiting, there's only so much you can do - you can't pack everything when you aren't going to move for a few more weeks. (Well, I guess I could pack it ALL up, but that would hamper our ability to eat, dress, and take showers and baths. No bueno.)

However, I set out some to-do's for myself for this week, and I'm proud to say they are now moved to the "done" column:
  1. Drapes for the dining room (they're here already!)
  2. Drapes for bedroom (they're on their way!)
  3. Drapery hardware for bedroom and dining room windows (snagged the rods at half-price, to boot! Woot!)
  4. Tile for the shower - picked out and ready to be picked up.
  5. Paint colors for the dining room walls and ceiling.  (Have rollers, brushes and rags ready to go.)
  6. Fabric for dining room chairs is picked out; just need to order it soon.
  7. Coat closet is cleaned out; linen closet is slated for purging today.
  8. Shower curtain for upstairs bathroom.  (Bonus: also have fabric for new window seat cushion.)
  9. Carpet stretching is lined up for the day after closing.
  10. Insurance is ready to go into effect.
Next week, I'll offload the bookshelves and box those items up, and help my beloved offspring prepare their closets for moving along with a few more pre-move tasks.

Happy Friday!