May 27, 2011

Ze pond! Ze pond!

Some (okay, MOST) of you are probably too young to get that pop culture reference to the late 1970s show, "Fantasy Island." But Tatto's famous words came to mind when I looked at our pond yesterday and could finally see the little fishing dock and the rocks that are supposed to ring the edge of it. They've been hidden under at least 15 to 20 inches of water for months now. Since we first toured the house in December, I don't think we've ever seen the rocks when they weren't submerged - until now. But that means some edge-of-pond landscaping can begin. Perfect timing: my Louisiana irises are through blooming for the season (as skimpy as their blooms were in their present dry abode.)

So this Memorial Day weekend will find me and my trusty little shovel digging away, getting some things planted. And hoping that we get typical summer rainfall all summer long, so the pond doesn't completely dry up.

Happy ponding!