Oct 21, 2010

Be careful what you ask for

Earlier this week I mentioned UT's bye week (and whined a little about how busy we were on the "off" weekend.) I even joked about how maybe I would get my own "bye" day on Tuesday.  I'm not superstitious, but...

During fall break, I took a week-plus off from my daily runs to allow a pesky calf muscle some time to heal.  As soon as we were back home, I started my early mornings with a run once again, but by Wednesday of last week, I had to admit the twinge was getting worse after each run.  So, I hit "pause" again and took almost a full week off again for healing, this time with the addition of daily Ibuprofen and a quick DIY calf massage each morning.  On Tuesday morning this week, I hit the gym bright and early, hoping everything would be back to normal.

Even though I stretched extensively, the calf was still tight. I hoped it would loosen up as I got further into the run - instead, less than a quarter-mile in, I felt a "pop" in the calf, followed by excruciating pain up and down the muscle.

So it was off the treadmill, hobble out to the car, and ice it down when I got home. A pilates class later in the day helped somewhat, or maybe it was just doubling up on Ibuprofen throughout the day that made things feel better.

Mr. Official (who loves to diagnose injuries - especially sports-related injuries) was kind enough to give it a deep tissue massage. Here's hoping he will take pity on me and repeat it nightly while the calf heals fully.

I guess I got what I wished for - according to the experts, a Grade Two strain can take several weeks to recover from.  So for now, it's yoga, tai chi and pilates, but no running for me - looks like my wish for a "bye" week was granted, right on schedule.