Oct 18, 2010

What Really Happens on Bye Weeks

The Vols finally had a Saturday off, so that meant ours was a focused, productive weekend, working around the house. Bright and early Saturday morning, Mr. Official and I ran several errands and then got down on hands and knees for some yard work - nothing like pulling crabgrass shoulder-to-shoulder with your spouse to bring you closer (if you're familiar with Love & Respect, that one should ring a bell.) Then we parted ways - he headed to Lebanon to close his mama's pool for the season, and I and my crockpot headed to a charity chili cook-off.

Sunday afternoon was dedicated to readying the house for the 2HYMs monthly devotional.  Success:  they came, they grazed on pizza and cookies, they precariously juggled lit candles as part of an exercise...and by 9:30 they had all disbanded, leaving our house reasonably intact.

But it was definitely not a "bye" weekend for me.  And now it's Monday, again.  In addition to real work, today's schedule includes a dental check-up, pilates, whipping up some no-bake cookies and packing them to send to a special young lady, post office, then picking up our swimmer from practice and heading home for dinner.  Hopefully we'll eat before the Titans kick off at 7:30 tonight.

Maybe Tuesday will be my "bye week" day.  Hey, a girl can hope, can't she?

Happy Monday!