Oct 23, 2010

While the boys are away...

the girls will play.  (The "boys" are headed to Knoxville for the UT-Bama game.  Fingers crossed we can keep the score close. Or just get on the board. Yes, we have low expectations, so anything we get is a gift.)

So what's on our agenda today?  We're puppy-sitting Sadie, and I was reminded why you don't buy one toy for two kids.  Little dog enthusiastically snagged the new toy (a cat-like tennis ball with rope legs), much to big dog's chagrin.   I think this look and howl can be safely interpreted as "Mom, make her share with me!"

 As soon as we pulled the pumpkin gooey butter cake out of the oven, we girls took "the girls" for a puppy walk at the greenway.  

Now that the pooches are exhausted from the brisk 3-mile round trip, we will leave them to nap and take the gooey cake to a painting class this evening at Faithful Strokes.  Yes.  Me.  Painting. Artistically.  With something smaller than a roller or 2-inch wide trim brush.  Using more than one color.

They promised me anyone could do it, so we'll see...

Happy weekend!