Oct 25, 2010

Week 2 Without Running

I am really hoping that my calf injury is going to heal in record time - like in 3 weeks instead of 5 to 8.   Sheer force of will, mind over matter, and the massages, courtesy of my amazing, wonderful, awesome husband help a lot. (And I hope my over-the-top flattery will result in more massages.) But a quick dash after an escaping Sadie this weekend proved the injury is still there. It just doesn't hurt as bad as it did when it went "pop" but there's no way to run on it.

So what can I do in the meantime?

Mondays, I  am resigned to yoga/tai chi/pilates with the old geezers. (A seriously geriatric crowd shows up for this one. I'm thinking the instructor has had her AARP card for quite some time, too. To say there is any trace of pilates in this class is a mental stretch.) But it is peaceful and there is some gentle stretching going on.  And I feel like Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass in Remember the Titans.  (Except I'm not a guy, a blond, or outside on the grass while I'm crossing my arms and moving my feet.)

Tuesdays is a true pilates class. My abs are finally recovered from last week's class, so I'm ready to go round two with the instructor.

Thursday offers a full hour of yoga. Not as good as a run, but it offers some good stretching. And I think I might try the abs/swimming class at 5:45 a.m. this week. It'll be almost like my regular routine, except no treadmill.  And I'll have to swim.  Sniff.  Lip quivering.

Wednesday and Friday might have to be take-the-dogs-for-a-walk days. At least the weather is good, their harnesses make it easy to maneuver with them, and the greenway is an awesome resource that is nearby.  Who knows, maybe that's a routine I'll stick with even after I can run again?

Happy Monday,