Oct 15, 2010

What a Beautiful (?) Mess

Life happens.

Stuff happens.

But organization doesn't just happen. At least not at our house.

Two weeks ago today, I packed up the Highlander and headed south for a week in the sun. I left behind a freshly vacuumed and dusted abode, with clean sheets and towels in place, laundry caught up, and the refrigerator, freezer and pantry in reasonably good shape.

The night before I returned home, I heard the words I dread to hear from left-behind family members: "Well, I guess we should run the dishwasher before you get back tomorrow." That is an ominous portent of what awaits me when I get back.

Aside from the atrocities in the kitchen, my clean desk is suddenly less-than-pristine since my docking station has died and I can't get my monitor hooked up directly to the computer (long story...) The net result is my laptop is sitting smackdab in the middle of my blotter until I get a new docking station. It's a process.

This week has been a time of catching up on work and after-school swim practice has cut into my evening hours. Those are my excuses for not tackling the neglected areas of the house or laundry as quickly as I would have liked. Today brought me face to face with a crisper of mushy vegetables, which now must be tossed to make room for the fresh produce I lugged home from the grocery store (another postponed chore that was badly overdue.)

There's no time like the present to dig in and get caught up; I'm making chili for a benefit cook-off tomorrow evening, then Sunday will bring us a houseful of high school youth for their monthly devo. (I'm thinking takeout pizza...no prep, no worries, just toss the boxes when they're done.)

As for the rest of the house? This too shall pass. But not without some elbow grease helping it along. Here's hoping the laundry fairy and cleaning fairy show up soon.

Happy homecoming,