Jun 20, 2010

Just. Be. Cuz.

We enjoyed a great weekend get-together with some far-flung family, including some cousins I haven't seen in many years.  Brothers and sisters shared a laugh... 

And so did mothers and sons...

It was great getting everyone together (the excuse was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated today with a reception and lunch.)  But last night we shared a meal and a lot of laughs and memories, then we spent time going through grandma's old recipes (I made copies last Thanksgiving, but this was the first time I got to see everyone and hand them out.)

We broke up the party last night only after a storm passed by and it was safe to let those traveling get on the road and grope their way to their hotel rooms for the night.  We then regrouped at noon today for an informal barbeque and fixins buffet lunch, topped off with cake and confetti, sweetened more with love and laughter from family and friends who helped us honor a couple who has reached their golden anniversary.

Before we all headed out, promises were made to not wait for the next wedding, funeral or anniversary to get our families together.  Hopefully we can find a free weekend on our collective calendars to gather aunts, uncles, cousins and and cousins a few times removed, and kick back for a few days of revisiting old memories and making new ones.  Just. Be. Cuz.