Jun 6, 2010

Success is....

1. Having a freshly-made bed, a clean bedroom and closet (no more pile of lost little shoes hanging out in there...)
2. Seeing the top of my desk again. Hello, old friend - it's been a while!
3. Seeing the top of my dryer again.  Amazingly, it was still there after I excavated a mountain of unfolded clothes and towels (which are now folded and ready to be put away.)
4. Seeing my laundry folding counter again.  No more trays of leggy tomato seedlings desperately waiting to be planted.  (Thank you sweet husband of mine!)
5. Taking care of all those pesky, easy-to-forget chores like emptied wastebaskets in out-of-the-way rooms and a clean air filter on the A/C unit.
6.  Having a full-week's menu planned out, with some new recipes to boot.. 
7.  Getting it all done while it rained, so I didn't waste precious daylight doing indoor chores. AND the deck plants got watered courtesy of Mother Nature.

Sun's shining...time to hit the grocery store!