Jun 12, 2010

Smells of summer

This morning saw the husband and daughter head off to go white water rafting.  (My hernia problems have kept me from joining them for several years now.  Bummer, but it beats having a second hernia surgery, which the surgeon warned would not be as quick or easy to recover from as the first.)

As soon as I got them out the door and finished a cup of coffee, I poured a second mug to go and headed to town in search of anaheim pepper plants.  Three nurseries later, no anaheims, but amazingly, my car was full of plants, wheat straw...and a cantaloupe.  The aroma of wheat brought back memories of riding in an un-airconditioned pickup as we bounced along rutted dirt roads and fields, to check on the guys in the field, harvesting the wheat or baling hay.  I remember those trips as hot, dry, dusty and I was probably cranky and whiny.  But the smell of wheat brings back a flood of good memories.  Long days, when the sun didn't set until after my bedtime, and when I was the one asking "what's for dinner?" instead of the one answering.

The cantaloupe smells luscious...we'll see if its taste lives up to its smell when I slice it for breakfast tomorrow.

The additional tomatoes (2 Health Kick and a Black Prince), a hot chili pepper, plus zucchinis, cucumbers and pole beans are in the ground, and everything is mulched with straw.  It was tremendously hot and muggy work, but middle child helped, so the job went much faster than it would have otherwise.  Thunder grumbled a few times while we worked, but it held off while we broke for lunch.  As soon as I began setting out the bedding plants and perennials, the rain began in earnest, so I took it as a sign to break for a while.  Hopefully it will clear off and I can go back out and finish up everything today.  But in the meantime, my desk is going to get a deep cleaning and the card table that has been set up for VBS activities will be tucked away in its rightful home.  Order WILL be restored to my workspace today.