Jun 28, 2010

This Week in PREview

The week is off to a great start:  we had guests for dinner last night (minus one; she was missed, but that just means we need to get back together soon when she can join us, right?)  Extra nice - most of the basic housework is done for a few days...at least as soon as the laundry is all put away.

This cheesecake recipe made a very good cake, but my crust needs work. Maybe next time I'll leave enough time to do this sponge cake crust.  (I also need a new springform pan.  Mine has permanently "sprung" open.  I have two larger sizes, but honestly - who needs a 16" or 18" cheesecake?  That's HUGE!)

The A/C unit is working better now after they added 2 pounds of refrigerant this morning.   Let's hope the suspected "slow leak" of refrigerant is truly   "s   l   o   w  w  w."

Today is the day to use up the last of the hamburger buns.  Croutons, breadcrumbs and enough cubes for a breakfast casserole, here we come!

Tomorrow's a typical busy Tuesday:  early morning run, swing by the Farmers' Market on my way home, head to our last regular season swim meet in the afternoon, and prayers and thoughts all day with my mother-in-law as she goes on her next doctor's appointment.  (No surgery date scheduled yet.)

This is definitely a week of trying new recipes:
  1. Another stab at salmon; this time it's Pecan Crusted Salmon - I'm not a huge tarragon fan, so I may look at a few other recipes to get a different mix of flavors.
  2. Hot German Potato Salad is on the menu for this week.   I bought some golden fingerling potatoes, so now I just need to settle on the next recipe to try, and fire up the grill for some brats to accompany this latest culinary adventure.  
  3. Manicotti.  In 27 years of cooking, I have never (as best I can recall) made manicotti.  I don't know why - it's not a huge stretch from lasagna to manicotti, but I've just never thought to try it.  That changes this week. I think the vodka cream sauce will be particularly yummy.
  4. Summer Squash Kabobs - another new one, or at least a twist on the old summer standard.  Balsamic vinegar, summer squash, bell peppers, and skewers. What's not to like?
Slightly cooler temps may make it more pleasant to get outdoors after today.  Which is good, considering I spent all of about two minutes in the garden last week - the vegetables got short shrift with my attention focused on the roses and daylily bed.  It's definitely time to get the veggies weeded, watered and the tomatoes tied up.

The week wraps up with a holiday weekend - yay for US and God Bless the USA!  That means it's time to drag out the White Mountain freezer and whip up some homemade ice cream.  If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by.  A little help with the cranking will earn you a bowlful of sweet creamy rewards!