Jun 19, 2010


This morning started off hot and muggy, as we enjoyed coffee on the deck.  When we moved inside for breakfast, we sat munching some delicious fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and the sky started to cloud up, then darken, and darken some more.  A fast-moving storm was barreling toward us, bringing strong winds, some hail, and some very weird cloud configurations.  But no tornadic activity - yay us.

When the storm passed, the skies became sunny once again, so we headed for my favorite place to shop for cooking and baking "needs," The Clay Gourmet.  (Yes I said needs and I meant needs.)

After I pried myself away from the FiestaWare display, I spied (and scooped up) a beater/scraper for my KitchenAid (hooray!) and a new stainless baking pan, since my last one was a heavy-duty professional with a non-stick finish, which started flaking off like a bad sunburn after its first venture into the oven.  We also found some new silicone ties designed to cinch up those asparagus spears, truss the turkey and hold loins and roasts together.  Nifty things.

I was almost out the door with my new purchases in hand, when what did I spy but a new spice "cabinet" rack thingamajig.  It's designed to fit in a cabinet, it holds up to 27 big or 54 half-size spice jars on three convenient pull out drawers that cradle the bottles so they won't roll around as you pull them out.  Wowsers...something that might be able to help me corral my messy and full spice cabinet, and give me room to store the spices I currently stow in the freezer (for lack of storage space as much as prolonging their shelf life.)  Sooooo....it was back to the checkout counter for round two.  The aprons were a triple threat (enticing, enchanting and entreating) but I think the spice rack is much more practical. And there's always Thanksgiving...