Dec 20, 2010

Holiday Sprint: The final lap

I know, I know...there is another major holiday a week after Christmas. But since we tend to usher in the new year pretty casually, I count this week as the last lap of my holiday race. Whatever we happen to do after December 25 is not planned or orchestrated by yours truly.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to RUN this last lap. Yes, as of last Wednesday, I am once again running. Not as far or fast as I was prior to the calf strain, but I will take any form of running I can get, even if it's only 5 minutes at a time and at a poky pace of 5 MPH or thereabouts. Speed and endurance will be back soon enough.

The final bit of cookie and candy-making is wrapping up today, the cards are going in the mail, the shopping is closer to being done (we got sidetracked by some house shopping this weekend...) and so now we will scurry to finish the last few to-do's and settle in to enjoy the holidays.

Happy sprinting,